Busy, tired couples want help to improve shared quality time.

BondingBox boxes

We deliver original games and tasty treats to your door so you can reconnect at a time that works best for you. Sign up to receive quick and easy themed activities that will inspire your imagination and get you out of a relationship rut.

Create and use edible objects, play games, and build your bonds with BondingBox.


Become a BondingBox Member today and begin sharing quality time experiences right away.

Meet BondingBox
$12/single delivery
Give BondingBox a try with our Meet BondingBox tier!
Receive 1 activity, 1 time, chosen from our list of categories. Ideal for you to try, or as a gift for someone special.
Date BondingBox
$20/subscription delivery
Ready for a long-term commitment? Our Date BondingBox subscription tier is perfect for you!
2 activities per monthly shipment, with a minimum 2 month commitment. Subscribers may request additional activities for an additional $15 fee per request.

* Subscriptions automatically renew. You may cancel at any time. Currently we can only offer domestic shipping.
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